The 2019 Ultimate Pinterest Planner is Here!

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Today’s podcast is an exciting one because we are launching the 2019 Ultimate Pinterest Planner. If you’re new and haven’t heard about the Planner yet (or if you’ve put off checking it out), this episode will explain everything you need to know about why I created the Planner and how it can help you.

Printable 2019 Ultimate Pinterest Planner

What Is the 2019 Ultimate Pinterest Planner?

I first created the Ultimate Pinterest Planner back in 2015 as a way to help you keep up with Pinterest marketing throughout the year. I always get questions about what to pin each month, how to remember stats, what people are searching for, etc., so I created the Planner to answer all those questions.

You can download the 2019 Ultimate Pinterest Planner for free! I highly recommend going to a business supply store and getting it printed off in color and bound. The Planner is very colorful and has lots of places to keep track of your Pinterest marketing efforts.

When you sign up to receive the Planner, you also get access to the weekly SPM email newsletter. In the newsletter, we dig even deeper and make note of what trends are currently being highlighted by Pinterest. Having the Planner and the Wednesday email in hand will give you plenty of tools to help you target your audience on Pinterest, based on their keyword searches.

How to Use the Planner

Each month, the Planner is broken down into:

  • What to Pin – based on what’s trending and how to get ahead of the curve
  • What to Promote – what you should be promoting on Pinterest that month
  • Content Planning Ideas – my favorite part of the planner! This section will help you know what kind of content to create based on trends
  • Tip of the Month – unique and fun tactics to improve your Pinterest account
  • Action Item – how to move things forward without feeling overwhelmed

As business owners, we have so much on our to-do lists and that can be overwhelming. Tasks like updating blog posts are usually at the bottom of our to-do lists but continuing to update your content is so important!

Updating your content is one thing I’ll encourage you to do regularly in the action item section. I set aside an hour or two a month to work on updating posts.

The Planner also includes access to a free month of Tailwind, my favorite Pinterest scheduling tool.

The Planner also includes a section on Pinterest statistics that you should be tracking. It provides a place to track page views, followers, and save/repin rates (we track sessions here at SPM instead of page views but you can choose which metric makes the most sense for your business).

One thing we’ve noticed in our tracking is that as repins go down, sessions tend to go up. We don’t understand why just yet (my data analyst, Layne, who came on the podcast and talked about ROI is still investigating!). I tell you that to let you know that each type of metric should be viewed as a comprehensive picture.

If your follower count is down, maybe your repins are up. You have to look at all of your statistics to see what is really happening behind the scenes. 

I want your business to be an effective money-making machine for you. I know that when a business is growing and producing a healthy amount of money, that gives us the ability to meet other goals and dreams that we have.

When it comes to Pinterest metrics, remember that:

you can’t pay your mortgage in follower numbers. You need to look at metrics that translate to cash.

Look At Your Peaks and Valleys

As we go into December and January, I want you to look at the last one to two years of Google analytics data and examine the traffic peaks and valleys. Then use that information along with your Planner to figure out how you can best serve your audience. Make notes at the tops of the Planner pages detailing what you need to be doing when that particular month comes around.

Knowing when your site’s traffic peaks and valleys occur will help you to be prepared. Being prepared when those low times hit will help you utilize them well and motivate you to work on creating amazing content –instead of being anxious about where all your traffic went.

Pinterest planner sheets on table with red flower


On the final page of the Planner, I conclude with a congratulatory message for making it through to the end of the year. We designed the 2019 Ultimate Pinterest Planner to be super simple and straightforward. It’s very important for me to help you grow your business effectively without giving you a ton of crazy extra steps.

If you print off the planner and use it, I would love to see how you’ve put it into action! I invite you to use the hashtag #simplepinplanner on Instagram so that we can check out how you’re using the Planner. It helps me to teach our audience even more great ideas on how to use it to build their business.

I wold love to hear from you! If you have any feedback or anything specific you love about the podcast, send me an email.

I’m also open to ideas for future podcast episodes as well! If we love your idea, maybe we’ll even invite you to appear on a future episode! 🙂


Time Stamp:
00:53 – What Is the Ultimate Pinterest Planner?
 3:51 – Using Keywords Effectively
 5:46 – How to Use the Planner
 6:58 – What to Pin
 7:51 – What to Promote
 9:28 – Content Planning Ideas
 9:33 – Tip of the Month
10:01 – Action Item
12:10 – Pinterest Statistics
15:30 – Look At Your Peaks and Valleys
20:00 – #SimplePinPlanner

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